GVN Releasing is a fast-growing distribution company. We provide movies at a high level in the film industry for domestic and international audiences across traditional, digital media, theatrical, television and emerging platforms. There is an environment of demand looking for high-quality content with an ever-changing production and distribution landscape. Our sustainable business model is focused on revenue growth through our value-add approach to production, acquisition, and distribution.


In an environment where there is an increase in demand for premium content, and a decrease in studio releases, an opening for quality independent content has emerged.


We are focused on high-quality scripts, with recognizable directors and on-screen talent, solid foreign value, and strong commercial appeal.


We acquire finished films and provide minimum guarantees and/or P&A for the release. We release across all platforms from theatrical to physical and everything in between.


We offer a reduced distribution fee for producers that have a completed film and P&A to support the release. Our services can be a la carte or across all platforms.


The GVN Releasing Executive Team oversees worldwide operations, including the production, acquisition, marketing, and distribution of film for multi-platform release. The firm’s success and longevity have been driven by an impressive library of titles, as well as, a feature film slate that has generated profitable returns and garnered national attention.

Geno Taylor


As CEO/Founder, Geno Taylor has more than 25 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. Combining a strong entrepreneurial spirit Geno Taylor is focused on making GVN Releasing an innovative, astute and nimble distributor in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Under his leadership, GVN Releasing continues to evolve & grow.

Robert A. Parada

Head of Acquisitions

A seasoned entertainment executive with over 20 years of experience working on feature films and television. Robert combines his role of producer with content acquisitions providing a strong background in distribution strategy and marketing for GVN Releasing.

Chris Rash

Deliverables & Operations

Chris brings more than a decade’s worth of experience in film and TV Post Production to the GVN family. Whether advising filmmakers on their deliverables for acquisitions or designing Post workflows for new productions, he is most at home coming up with creative solutions to complex problems.

Jack Cotti

Executive Assistant

With nearly a decade of experience in the entertainment industry and a background in both production and distribution, Jack oversees all operations at GVN Releasing. Jack currently serves as executive assistant to CEO & Founder, Geno Taylor. 

Our Partners

We are dedicated to providing our partners with exceptional partnership opportunities via a sustainable business model focused on revenue growth through our value-add approach to production, acquisition and distribution.