Silent Cry Aloud

A mother, completely focused on finding her estranged boyfriend, ignores signs of her daughter’s emotional trauma until the daughter is finally taken by social services. As the mother fights to get her daughter back, she uncovers several unsettling truths about both her daughter and herself, which aids her in growing to become a more compassionate, understanding, and present person and mother.

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  • SILENT CRY ALOUD, Karen Malina White, 2016. © GVN Releasing
  • SILENT CRY ALOUD, Terry Dexter, 2016. © GVN Releasing
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  • SILENT CRY ALOUD, from left: Karen Malina White, Darrin Dewitt Henson, 2016. © GVN Releasing
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Directed by
Erika Rogers

Writing credits
Erika Rogers

Erika Rogers
Jennifer Amorelli
Kemonte Rogers

Executive Producers
Erika Rogers

Austin Nordell

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