Carter High (August 2, 2016)

CARTER HIGH is the emotional, gripping and ultimately uplifting true story that features Charles Dutton as the caring and dedicated real life Carter High Football Coach, Freddie James. Dutton as Coach James challenges and inspires his team to be their best and overcome tremendous difficulties to reach their ultimate goal of winning a state championship. As parents and community leaders come together to support the youth through their hardships, the team becomes the hero of the community. When the actions of a few student athletes attraction to the dark side of teenage temptations results in unforseen outcomes. The lives of the team, their parents, friends and entire community are staggered, but remain steadfast.

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Directed by
Arthur Muhammad

Writing credits
Arthur Muhammad

Main Actors
Vivica A. Fox
Charles S. Dutton
Pooch Hall
David Banner

Kelly Gray
Ty Walker

Executive Producers
Greg Ellis
Arthur Muhammad

Ron Gonzalez

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